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Pale Blue Dot is a book by Carl Sagan. First published by Random House in 1994, it is the sequel to the book Cosmos.


Inspired by the famous 1990 Pale Blue Dot photograph, Sagan mixes philosophy about the human place in the universe with a description of the current knowledge about the Solar System.


  • Wanderers: An Introduction
  1. You Are Here
  2. Aberrations of Light
  3. The Great Demotions
  4. A Universe Not Made for Us
  5. Is There Intelligent Life on Earth
  6. The Triumph of Voyager
  7. Among the Moons of Saturn
  8. The First New Planet
  9. An American Ship at the Frontiers of the Solar System
  10. Sacred Black
  11. Evening and Morning Star
  12. The Ground Melts
  13. The Gift of Apollo
  14. Exploring Other Worlds and Protecting This One
  15. The Gates of the Wonder World Open
  16. Scaling Heaven
  17. Routine Interplanetary Violence
  18. The Marsh of Camarina
  19. Remaking the Planets
  20. Darkness
  21. To the Sky!
  22. Tiptoeing Through the Milky Way
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  • Acknowledgments
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