GEAR[edit | edit source]

GEAR, short for (Guaranteed Eponymous Assistance Reserve), is a mysterious device created by some scientists on É.P, Sandrine Delmarva's home planet. It is also referred to as the 'neural interface', and is connected to Sandrine's brain. Not much is known about its purpose.

History[edit | edit source]

Gear was given to Sandrine Delmarva by Proctors of the Exceptional Program where she was enrolled, after 2 other students that had stayed in the program destroyed each other. During their last trial of the Program, they had turned upon each other, killing themselves in the process.

In sympathy for her loss and perhaps to quiet further inquiry, the managing scientists her GEAR to be able to connect to in her adventures.

Main Functions[edit | edit source]

Translation: Since GEAR is a neural interface, it can connect to what Sandrine is saying and translate words or extremely strong thoughts, if needed. It also has a decoding program to figure out languages not installed into its bank and translate words to or from those languages. However, since Sandrine is a bit of a motormouth when she's upset, if she's speaking WAY too fast GEAR may not be able to keep up.

Stabilization: Gear can stabalize emotions to help Sandrine think clearly if for one reason or another, she totally snaps. Additionally, it can work to stabilize the body in cases where Sandrine is on an other planet and might feel nausious or have other bad side-effects. This enables Sandrine to adapt easier to her surroundings.

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