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Cosmos Possible Worlds is a book by Ann Druyan. First published 25 February 2020 by National Geographic, it is a companion to the television series of the same name.


Ann Druyan takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the vast and unexplored realms of Earth and space, past and future, fact and imagination.


  • Prologue
  1. Ladder to the Stars
  2. Oh, Mighty King
  3. Lost City of Life
  4. Vavilov
  5. The Cosmic Connectome
  6. The Man of a Trillion Worlds
  7. The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth
  8. The Sacrifice of Cassini
  9. Magic Without Lies
  10. A Tale of Two Atoms
  11. The Fleeting Grace of the Habitable Zone
  12. Coming of Age in the Anthropocene
  13. A Possible World
  • Acknowledgments
  • Further Reading
  • Illustration Credits