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Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey Original Soundtrack Volume 3 is a soundtrack to Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey. It was composed by Alan Silvestri and released in 2017 by Intrada.


  1. "All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be"
  2. Halley's Efforts
  3. The Speed of Light
  4. Physical State of the Stars
  5. Ibn Al-Hazan
  6. The Way We Live Now
  7. The Lead Herring
  8. August 1684
  9. The Rules of Science
  10. Mo Tze
  11. He Broke Through the Walls of Heaven
  12. The Ultimate Green Power
  13. Endless Searching
  14. Halley's Comet
    The Extras
  15. Alexandria
  16. Egypt, 1913


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